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Updated: May 17, 2023



Start of project, Nomination, Approval to build prototypes, Approval to build off-tool, Approval to build Pre Try Out, Start of production, Customer tracking report and kaizen plan performed status

Key points to validate at each milestone

  1. Budget

  2. Planning

  3. Process

  4. Outsourcing

  5. Product (Design & test):

    1. Measure

    2. Analyse

    3. Design

    4. Optimize

    5. Verify

  6. Quality milestone

Steps of development of a new product


Identify the measurable criteria of the specification


Analyse the link between input data and output data. Choose statistic and graphic tools to veierw the analysis


Design and test according to an increasing product-process representativeness


Perform solution to optimize the cost, the quality and the leadtime


Standardize, train, monitor, provide feedback


Steps to select suppliers


Build a list up to 10 suppliers according the required parts


Preselect up to 5 suppliers to request for quotation according best result of audit of the suppliers list

Key points:

Build a panel (list) up to 10 suppliers according to the required craftsmanship

  • Recognized expertise

  • Sales and product highlights

  • Revenues

  • Clients

Select up to 5 suppliers to request for quotation in the supplier panel

  • Process proficiency (industrial means, outsourcing, seniority of the company)

  • Business strategy (geographical diversification, outsourcing)

  • Corporate governance (growth, profitability, …)

  • Ethics environmental, social and Governance

  • Certificate and standards (ISO, EN, NF)

  • financial analysis

    • EBITDA Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation & Amortization

    • Operating margin

    • Free cash flow

    • EBIT Earnings Before Interest Tax (US GAAP)

    • Working capital

    • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

    • Cash flow from operating activity

Steps to nominate a supplier


Draw up a specification of subcontracted part or service

Identify the criteria of the request of quotation

Compare the offer up to 3 suppliers: do a quality, cost, planning, capacity analysis of the selected suppliers according their quotation

Nominate the suppliers (1 or more according to the strategy plan): select up to 3 suppliers according the best assessment of performance (at least 2 to have back-up solution)

Key points:

Define: Draw up a specification of subcontracted part or service

  • Design or sketch (according supplier expertise),product assumption,functional performance , dimensional envelope, weight target, craftsmanship

  • Affordable cost target

  • Reliability and quality goals

  • Project schedule

  • Production plan, capacity, peak volume

  • Logistic constraints, International Commercial Terms

Define: Identify the measurable criteria of the request of quotation

  • Cost of prototypes (studies-prototype investment-prototype parts or services)

  • Cost of mass-production parts (studies-prototype investment-prototype parts or services)

  • Quality commitment

  • Capacity commitment, peak volume commitment

  • Project milestone commitment

Define: Compare the offers of suppliers and nominate supplier(s)

  • Cost for the prime years and cost for the lifetime of parts or services

  • Cost model

  • Quality commitment for the prime years

  • Capacity and peak volume according production plan

  • Project milestone according project needs

Define: Nominate the suppliers: 1 or more

•Considering and Management of the Limit of capacity

•Considering and Management of critical process key points

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